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Regular Articles

Adams, Abi; Cherchye, Laurens; De Rock, Bram and Verriest, Ewout: Consume Now or Later? Time Inconsistency, Collective Choice, and Revealed Preference [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Alesina, Alberto and La Ferrara, Eliana: A Test of Racial Bias in Capital Sentencing [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Allcott, Hunt and Rogers, Todd: The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Alsan, Marcella: The Effect of the TseTse Fly on African Development [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Anderson, Michael L.: Subways, Strikes, and Slowdowns: The Impacts of Public Transit on Traffic Congestion [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Azzimonti, Marina; de Francisco, Eva and Quadrini, Vincenzo: Financial Globalization, Inequality, and the Rising Public Debt [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Battigalli, P.; Cerreia-Vioglio, S.; Maccheroni, F. and Marinacci, M.: Selfconfirming Equilibrium and Model Uncertainty

Ben-Porath, Elchanan; Dekel, Eddie and Lipman, Bart L.: Optimal Allocation with Costly Verification [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Benjamin, Daniel J.; Heffetz, Ori; Kimball, Miles S. and Szembrot, Nichole: Beyond Happiness and Satisfaction: Toward Well-Being Indices Based on Stated Preference [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Benjamin, Daniel J.; Heffetz, Ori; Kimball, Miles S. and Rees-Jones, Alex: Can Marginal Rates of Substitution Be Inferred From Happiness Data? Evidence from Residency Choices [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bertrand, Marianne; Bombardini, Matilde and Trebbi, Francesco: Is It Whom You Know or What You Know? An Empirical Assessment of the Lobbying Process [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Black, Dan A.; Sanders, Seth G.; Taylor, Evan J. and Taylor, Lowell J.: The Impact of the Great Migration on Mortality of African Americans: Evidence from the Deep South

Bowen, T. Renee; Chen, Ying and Eraslan, Hülya: Mandatory versus Discretionary Spending: The Status Quo Effect [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Callen, Michael and Long, James D.: Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Campante, Filipe R. and Do, Quoc-Anh: Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability, and Corruption: Evidence from US States [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Carroll, Gabriel: Robustness and Linear Contracts [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chambers, Christopher P.; Echenique, Federico and Shmaya, Eran: The Axiomatic Structure of Empirical Content [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chaney, Thomas: The Network Structure of International Trade [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chari, V. V.; Shourideh, Ali and Zetlin-Jones, Ariel: Reputation and Persistence of Adverse Selection in Secondary Loan Markets [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Cheng, Ing-Haw; Raina, Sahil and Xiong, Wei: Wall Street and the Housing Bubble [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chetty, Raj; Friedman, John N. and Rockoff, Jonah E.: Measuring the Impacts of Teachers I: Evaluating Bias in Teacher Value-Added Estimates [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Chetty, Raj; Friedman, John N. and Rockoff, Jonah E.: Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Cicala, Steve: When Does Regulation Distort Costs? Lessons from Fuel Procurement in US Electricity Generation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Collard-Wexler, Allan and De Loecker, Jan: Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Davis, Steven J.; Haltiwanger, John; Handley, Kyle; Jarmin, Ron; Lerner, Josh and Miranda, Javier: Private Equity, Jobs, and Productivity [Show Abstract] [Preview]

de Clippel, Geoffroy: Behavioral Implementation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

de Clippel, Geoffroy; Eliaz, Kfir and Knight, Brian: On the Selection of Arbitrators [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Donaldson, Dave: Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure

Elliott, Matthew; Golub, Benjamin and Jackson, Matthew O.: Financial Networks and Contagion [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Epstein, Larry G.; Farhi, Emmanuel and Strzalecki, Tomasz: How Much Would You Pay to Resolve Long-Run Risk? [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Figlio, David; Guryan, Jonathan; Karbownik, Krzysztof and Roth, Jeffrey: The Effects of Poor Neonatal Health on Children's Cognitive Development [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Gavazza, Alessandro; Lizzeri, Alessandro and Roketskiy, Nikita: A Quantitative Analysis of the Used-Car Market [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Gentzkow, Matthew; Shapiro, Jesse M. and Sinkinson, Michael: Competition and Ideological Diversity: Historical Evidence from US Newspapers [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Gowrisankaran, Gautam; Nevo, Aviv and Town, Robert: Mergers When Prices are Negotiated: Evidence from the Hospital Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Greenstone, Michael and Hanna, Rema: Environmental Regulations, Air and Water Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Grubb, Michael D. and Osborne, Matthew: Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Guttman, Ilan; Kremer, Ilan and Skrzypacz, Andrzej: Not Only What But also When: A Theory of Dynamic Voluntary Disclosure [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Heathcote, Jonathan; Storesletten, Kjetil and Violante, Giovanni L.: Consumption and Labor Supply with Partial Insurance: An Analytical Framework [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ho, Kate and Pakes, Ariel: Hospital Choices, Hospital Prices, and Financial Incentives to Physicians [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Huang, Ling and Smith, Martin D.: The Dynamic Efficiency Costs of Common-Pool Resource Exploitation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ilut, Cosmin and Schneider, Martin: Ambiguous Business Cycles [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Isoni, Andrea; Poulsen, Anders; Sugden, Robert and Tsutsui, Kei: Efficiency, Equality and Labeling: An Experimental Investigation of Focal Points in Explicit Bargaining [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Kendall, Chad; Nannicini, Tommaso and Trebbi, Francesco: How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ketcham, Jonathan D.; Lucarelli, Claudio and Powers, Christopher A.: Paying Attention or Paying Too Much in Medicare Part D [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Koijen, Ralph S. J. and Yogo, Motohiro: The Cost of Financial Frictions for Life Insurers

Kubler, Felix; Selden, Larry and Wei, Xiao: Asset Demand Based Tests of Expected Utility Maximization [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Machina, Mark J.: Ambiguity Aversion with Three or More Outcomes [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Mahoney, Neale: Bankruptcy as Implicit Health Insurance

Manuelli, Rodolfo E. and Seshadri, Ananth: Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Martin, Ralf; Muûls, Mirabelle; de Preux, Laure B. and Wagner, Ulrich J.: Industry Compensation under Relocation Risk: A Firm-level Analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Matějka, Filip and McKay, Alisdair: Rational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Mayer, Christopher; Morrison, Edward; Piskorski, Tomasz and Gupta, Arpit: Mortgage Modification and Strategic Behavior: Evidence from a Legal Settlement with Countrywide [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Mayzlin, Dina; Dover, Yaniv and Chevalier, Judith: Promotional Reviews: An Empirical Investigation of Online Review Manipulation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

McRae, Shaun: Infrastructure Quality and the Subsidy Trap

Moll, Benjamin: Productivity Losses from Financial Frictions: Can Self-Financing Undo Capital Misallocation? [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Moser, Petra; Voena, Alessandra and Waldinger, Fabian: German-Jewish Émigrés and US Invention [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ngai, L. Rachel and Tenreyro, Silvana: Hot and Cold Seasons in the Housing Market [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Nimark, Kristoffer P.: Man-bites-dog Business Cycles [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ok, Efe A.; Ortoleva, Pietro and Riella, Gil: Revealed (P)reference Theory [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ossa, Ralph: Trade Wars and Trade Talks with Data [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Ottaviani, Marco and Sørensen, Peter Norman: Price Reaction to Information with Heterogenous Beliefs and Wealth Effects: Underreation, Momentum, and Reversal [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Pallais, Amanda: Inefficient Hiring In Entry-Level Labor Markets [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Robson, Arthur J. and Szentes, Balázs: A Biological Theory of Social Discounting [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Rothstein, Jesse: Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters

Sahin, Ayşegül; Song, Joseph; Topa, Giorgio and Violante, Giovanni L.: Mismatch Unemployment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Swanson, Eric T. and Williams, John C.: Measuring the Effect of the Zero Lower Bound on Medium- and Longer-Term Interest Rates [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Young, Alwyn: Structural Transformation, the Mismeasurement of Productivity Growth, and the Cost of Disease Services [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Shorter Papers

Aaronson, Daniel; Lange, Fabian and Mazumder, Bhashkar: Fertility Transitions Along the Extensive and Intensive Margins [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Al-Najjar, Nabil; Pommato, Luciano and Sandroni, Alvaro: Claim Validation [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Albrecht, James; Gautier, Pieter A. and Vroman, Susan: Efficient Entry in Competing Auctions [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Allen, Jason; Clark, Robert and Houde, Jean-François: The Effect of Mergers in Search Markets: Evidence from the Canadian Mortgage Industry [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Anenberg, Elliot and Kung, Edward: Estimates of the Size and Source of Price Declines Due to Nearby Foreclosures [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Battaglini, Marco; Nunnari, Salvatore and Palfrey, Thomas R.: Dynamic Free Riding with Irreversible Investments [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Bourgeon, Jean-Marc and Picard, Pierre: Fraudulent Claims and Nitpicky Insurers [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Brown, Jason; Duggan, Mark; Kuziemko, Ilyana and Woolston, William: How Does Risk Selection Respond to Risk Adjustment? New Evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Daughety, Andrew F. and Reinganum, Jennifer F.: The Effect of Third-Party Funding of Plaintiffs on Settlement [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Fabra, Natalia and Reguant, Mar: Pass-through of Emissions Costs in Electricity Markets [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Fairlie, Robert W.; Hoffmann, Florian and Oreopoulos, Philip: A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Goos, Maarten; Manning, Alan and Salomons, Anna: Explaining Job Polarization: Routine-Biased Technological Change and Offshoring [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Kartashova, Katya: Private Equity Premium Puzzle Revisited [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Zhou, Jidong: Multiproduct Search and the Joint Search Effect [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Comments and Replies

Cheung, Stephen L.: On the Elicitation of Time Preference under Conditions of Risk [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Epper, Thomas and Fehr-Duda, Helga: Balancing on a Budget Line: Comment on Andreoni and Sprenger's "Risk Preferences are not Time Preferences" [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Krawczyk, Michal and Le Lec, Fabrice: Dictating the Risk: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Schneider, Henry S.: The Bidder's Curse: Comment [Show Abstract] [Preview]

Takahashi, Shuhei: Hours and Labor Productivity in a Heterogeneous-Agent Model: Comment on Chang and Kim (2007) [Show Abstract] [Preview]

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