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Starting Your Career

"An Old Male Economist"s Advice to Young Female Economists."  Dan Hamermesh. CSWEP Newsletter, Winter 2005 [link]

"The Young Economist"s Guide to Professional Etiquette", Daniel S. Hamermesh, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 6, No 1, Winter 1992, Pages 169-179. [link]

"Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Career," CSWEP Newsletter [link]

"An Overview of Networking Strategies, Joyce Jacobson, CSWEP Newsletter Summer 2004.  [link]

"Top 10 List Developing and Maintaining Networks," CSWEP Newsletter [link]

"Top 10 List Giving an Effective Presentation," CSWEP Newsletter [link]


What"s Your Research Agenda?, CSWEP Newsletter 2011, Articles by Ester Duflo, Raquel Fernandex and Muriel Niederle [link]

The Rhetoric of Economics, Donald N. McCloskey, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XXI (June 1983), pp. 481-517. [link]

Other Things Equal:  How To Be Equal in Economics, Deirdre N. McCloskey, Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2, Spring 2000. [link]

How To Build An Economic Model in Your Spare Time, Hal. R. Varian,.  Essay appears in Passion and Craft:  Economists at Work, University of Michigan Press, 1998. [link]


How to get Published in an Economics Journal, CSWEP Newsletter Symposium, Spring 2011. [link]

"Top 10 Ways to Deal with Editors and Referees," CSWEP Newsletter Reprint. [link]

"Publishing in Economics Journals: Trends Young Economists (and Everyone Else) Should be Aware Of", Glenn Ellison, CSWEP Newsletter Spring 2003. [link]

How are the Mighty Fallen: Rejected Classic Articles by Leading Economists, Joshua Gans and George Shepard, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 8(1), Winter 1994, p165-79. [link]

Facts and Myths about Refereeing, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 8, No. 1, Winter 1994, Pages 153-163. [link]


Teaching Economics in Different Environments, CSWEP Newsletter Symposium, Winter 2006. [link]

Starting Point: Economics  (a new NSF project that makes innovative pedagogical resources and effective teaching practices easily accessible to economists via a web-based pedagogic portal) [link]

An Online Handbook for the Use of Contemporary Econometrics in Economic Education Research, AEA Committee on Economic Education [link]


"Top 10 Tips on How to Get Funding" CSWEP Newsletter Reprint [link]

"How To Get National Science Foundation Funding (NSF) Funding in Economics" Laura Razzolini, CSWEP Newsletter Winter 2003. [link]

"Applying for Research Grants from Liberal Arts Colleges" Lara Shore-Shepard, CSWEP Newsletter Summer 2004. [link]

Tenure & Senior Career

"Top 10 Tips for Writing Research, Teaching, and Service Statements," CSWEP Newsletter, Winter 2013. [link]

"Navigating the Tenure Process," CSWEP Newsletter Symposium, Winter 2013.  [link]

"Top 10 Questions to Think about before your Tenure Review," CSWEP Newsletter [link]

"Negotiating Senior Job Offers", Susan Athey, CSWEP Newsletter, Winter 2007. [link]

"Professional Etiquette for the Mature Economist", Daniel S. Hamermesh, AEA Papers and Proceedings, May 1993, 34-38. [link]

"Preparing for Ethical Challenge", Joshua Margolis, CSWEP Newsletter Winter 2003. [link]

"Top 10 Things to do to Mentor Junior Faculty," CSWEP Newsletter [link]

Work/Life Balance

Tips on Dual, Not Dueling Careers, Deborah A. Freund, Thomas J. Kniesner, CSWEP Newsletter, Spring/Summer 2001. [link]

Work and Family in Academia:  Striking the Balance, CSWEP Newsletter Symposium, Spring/Summer 2007. [link]

"Discussing Parental Policies with your Dean or Department Chair," Fiona Scott Morton, CSWEP Newsletter Winter 2007. [link]

Extended Tenure Clock Policies:  Theory. . .  and Practice, CSWEP Newsletter Winter 2005. [link]

Where –Not When—Should You Have A Baby?  Saranna Thornton, The Chronicle of Higher Education:  The Chronicle Review.  October 8, 2004. [link]

Women in Economics and Academia

Annual Reports on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession [link]

Women in Economics:  Moving Up or Falling Off the Academic Career Ladder?  Donna K. Ginther and Shulamit Kahn, Journal of Economic Perspectives – Volume 18, Number 3 – Summer 2004- Pages 193-214. [link]

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