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CSWEP (the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession) is a standing committee of the American Economic Association charged with serving professional women economists in academia, government agencies and elsewhere by promoting their careers and monitoring their progress.

CSWEP activities endeavor to raise the awareness among men and women of the challenges that are unique to women’s careers and can be addressed with a wide variety of actions, from inclusive searches to formal and informal mentoring activities.  CSWEP freely disseminates information on how the profession works as well as advice to junior economists. We intend this information to be of value to all economists, male or female, minority or not.

Annually, CSWEP

The CSWEP Board meets three times yearly. Our business meeting is held during the annual AEA Meetings and is open to all economists. It is a time for us to recognize our award recipients, present the Annual Report on Women in the Economics Profession and to hear your input on CSWEP’s activities. We encourage you to attend our business meeting or contact a Board Member directly to convey your ideas for furthering CSWEP’s mission.

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"I read the CSWEP news from cover to cover. It is the only journal/newsletter that I read in its entirety," - Claudia Goldin, AEA President.

"The Winter 2013 Newsletter, particularly the Navigating the Tenure Process articles, is great and will be assigned reading for our junior faculty." - John Solow, Professor and DEO, Department of Economics, University of Iowa.

Wishing you successes in your career and a joyful work-life balance,

Marjorie B. McElroy, CSWEP Chair

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