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American Economic Journal: Microeconomics: Vol. 5 No. 2 (May 2013)

Front Matter (pp. i-vi)
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Strategic Immunization and Group Structure (pp. 1-32)
Andrea Galeotti and Brian W. Rogers
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Marry for What? Caste and Mate Selection in Modern India (pp. 33-72)
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Maitreesh Ghatak and Jeanne Lafortune
Abstract/Tools | Full-text Article | Download Data Set (91.36 MB) | Online Appendix (410.64 KB) | Comments (0)

Why People Vote: Ethical Motives and Social Incentives (pp. 73-98)
S. Nageeb Ali and Charles Lin
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Preference Signaling in Matching Markets (pp. 99-134)
Peter Coles, Alexey Kushnir and Muriel Niederle
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Testing for Factor Price Equality with Unobserved Differences in Factor Quality or Productivity (pp. 135-63)
Andrew B. Bernard, Stephen J. Redding and Peter K. Schott
Abstract/Tools | Full-text Article | Download Data Set (15.04 KB) | Online Appendix (106.06 KB) | Author Disclosure Statement(s) (256.58 KB) | Comments (0)

Assignment of Arrival Slots (pp. 164-85)
James Schummer and Rakesh V. Vohra
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Go Figure: The Strategy of Nonliteral Speech (pp. 186-212)
Hugo M. Mialon and Sue H. Mialon
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Trust, Reciprocity, and Favors in Cooperative Relationships (pp. 213-59)
Atila Abdulkadiro─člu and Kyle Bagwell
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