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American Economic Journal: Microeconomics: Vol. 4 No. 4 (November 2012)

Front Matter (pp. i-vi)
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A Theory of Occupational Choice with Endogenous Fertility (pp. 1-34)
Dilip Mookherjee, Silvia Prina and Debraj Ray
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Evolutionary Selection of Individual Expectations and Aggregate Outcomes in Asset Pricing Experiments (pp. 35-64)
Mikhail Anufriev and Cars Hommes
Abstract/Tools | Full-text Article | Download Data Set (68.29 KB) | Online Appendix (939.62 KB) | Comments (0)

Information Acquisition in Competitive Markets: An Application to the US Mortgage Market (pp. 65-106)
Jeremy M. Burke, Curtis R. Taylor and Liad Wagman
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Auctions in Markets: Common Outside Options and the Continuation Value Effect (pp. 107-30)
Stephan Lauermann and Gábor Virág
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Equity Aversion: Social Norms and the Desire to Be Ahead (pp. 131-44)
Chaim Fershtman, Uri Gneezy and John A. List
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Truth in Consequentiality: Theory and Field Evidence on Discrete Choice Experiments (pp. 145-71)
Christian A. Vossler, Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau
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The Evolutionary Basis of Time Preference: Intergenerational Transfers and Sex (pp. 172-201)
Arthur J. Robson, Balazs Szentes and Emil Iantchev
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Competition, Comparative Performance, and Market Transparency (pp. 202-37)
Bruce I. Carlin, Shaun William Davies and Andrew Iannaccone
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American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

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