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Journal of Economic Literature: Vol. 51 No. 1 (March 2013)

Front Matter (pp. 1-4)
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Structural Models of Nonequilibrium Strategic Thinking: Theory, Evidence, and Applications (pp. 5-62)
Vincent P. Crawford, Miguel A. Costa-Gomes and Nagore Iriberri
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Home Bias in Open Economy Financial Macroeconomics (pp. 63-115)
Nicolas Coeurdacier and Hélène Rey
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On Economics: A Review of Why Nations Fail by D. Acemoglu and J. Robinson and Pillars of Prosperity by T. Besley and T. Persson (pp. 116-43)
W. Bentley MacLeod
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Forum on Publishing in Economics Journals

Nine Facts about Top Journals in Economics (pp. 144-61)
David Card and Stefano DellaVigna
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Six Decades of Top Economics Publishing: Who and How? (pp. 162-72)
Daniel S. Hamermesh
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Uncertainty Measures for Economics Journal Impact Factors (pp. 173-89)
David I. Stern
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Book Reviews (pp. 190-218)
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The Craft of Economics: Lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin Framework by Edward E. Leamer
Reviewed by James R. Markusen of University of Colorado at Boulder
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Schelling's Game Theory: How to Make Decisions by Robert V. Dodge
Reviewed by Cade Massey of University of Pennsylvania
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Saving for Retirement: Intention, Context, and Behavior by Gordon L. Clark, Kendra Strauss and Janelle Knox-Hayes
Reviewed by Annika Sunden of The Swedish Pensions Agency
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis by James K. Galbraith
Reviewed by Branko Milanovic of World Bank
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Preference, Value, Choice, and Welfare by Daniel M. Hausman
Reviewed by Robert Sugden of University of East Anglia
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Political Power and Economic Policy: Theory, Analysis, and Empirical Applications by Gordon C. Rausser, Johan Swinnen and Pinhas Zusman
Reviewed by Harry de Gorter of Cornell University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from the 1930s by Douglas A. Irwin
Reviewed by Simon J. Evenett of University of St. Gallen
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Valuing an Entrepreneurial Enterprise by David B. Audretsch and Albert N. Link
Reviewed by Roy Thurik of Erasmus School of Economics and GSCM Montpellier Business School
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

China's Remarkable Economic Growth by John Knight and Sai Ding
Reviewed by Carsten A. Holz of Stanford Center for International Development, Stanford University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Does What You Export Matter? In Search of Empirical Guidance for Industrial Policies by Daniel Lederman and William F. Maloney
Reviewed by Andrei A. Levchenko of University of Michigan
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity Revisited by Josh Lerner and Scott Stern
Reviewed by David Grover of London School of Economics
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Quest for Prosperity: How Developing Economies Can Take Off by Justin Yifu Lin
Reviewed by Gustav Ranis of Yale University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

A Capitalism for the People: Recapturing the Lost Genius of American Prosperity by Luigi Zingales
Reviewed by Robert J. MacCulloch of Auckland University Business School
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Seeds, Science, and Struggle: The Global Politics of Transgenic Crops by Abby Kinchy
Reviewed by Shobita Parthasarathy of University of Michigan
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492 by Maristella Botticini and Zvi Eckstein
Reviewed by Peter Temin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Annotated Listing of New Books (pp. 219-304)
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JEL Classification System (pp. 305-319)
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Journal of Economic Literature

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