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Journal of Economic Literature: Vol. 50 No. 2 (June 2012)

Front Matter (pp. 1-4)
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Macroeconomics and the Term Structure (pp. 331-67)
Refet S. G├╝rkaynak and Jonathan H. Wright
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Economic Incentives and Social Preferences: Substitutes or Complements? (pp. 368-425)
Samuel Bowles and Sandra Polania-Reyes
Abstract/Tools | Full-text Article

What Does Human Capital Do? A Review of Goldin and Katz's The Race between Education and Technology (pp. 426-63)
Daron Acemoglu and David Autor
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Micro and Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: A Reassessment of Conventional Wisdom (pp. 464-76)
Michael Keane and Richard Rogerson
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Forum: Do Consumers Need More Protection in Financial Markets?

Consumer Protection and Contingent Charges (pp. 477-93)
Mark Armstrong and John Vickers
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Financial Advice (pp. 494-512)
Roman Inderst and Marco Ottaviani
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Book Reviews (pp. 513-46)
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Something for Nothing: A Novel by Michael W. Klein
Reviewed by Yoram Bauman of University of Washington Program on the Environment and
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Changing Inequality by Rebecca M. Blank
Reviewed by Richard V. Burkhauser of Cornell University and University of Melbourne
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith
Reviewed by Bruce Russett of Yale University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare by Marc Fleurbaey and Francois Maniquet
Reviewed by Robin Boadway of Queen's University, Kingston
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful by Daniel S. Hamermesh
Reviewed by Emir Kamenica of University of Chicago
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Macroeconomics beyond the NAIRU by Servaas Storm and C. W. M. Naastepad
Reviewed by Carolin Pflueger of Harvard University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Global Trade in Services: Fear, Facts, and Offshoring by J. Bradford Jensen
Reviewed by William F. Lincoln of University of Michigan
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

A Decade of Debt by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff
Reviewed by Menzie D. Chinn of University of Wisconsin
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery by Padma Desai
Reviewed by Kenneth Kuttner of Williams College
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Inside and Outside Liquidity by Bengt Holmstrom and Jean Tirole
Reviewed by Arvind Krishnamurthy of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and NBER
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Maynard's Revenge: The Collapse of Free Market Macroeconomics by Lance Taylor
Reviewed by Gerald Epstein of University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Changing Body: Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World since 1700 by Roderick Floud, Robert W. Fogel, Bernard Harris and Sok Chul Hong
Reviewed by Robert A. Margo of Boston University and NBER
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

The Age of Equality: The Twentieth Century in Economic Perspective by Richard Pomfret
Reviewed by Peter Temin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Pollution Limits and Polluters' Efforts to Comply: The Role of Government Monitoring and Enforcement by Dietrich H. Earnhart and Robert L. Glicksman
Reviewed by Rebecca P. Judge of St. Olaf College
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Economic Origins of Roman Christianity by Robert B. Ekelund and Robert D. Tollison
Reviewed by Douglas W. Allen of Simon Fraser University
Review Abstract | Review Full-text

Annotated Listing of New Books (pp. 547-626)
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JEL Classification System (pp. 627-641)
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Journal of Economic Literature

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