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The American Economic Review (AER)
The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL)
The Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP)

We do not offer advertising in the four American Economic Journals

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Advertising Schedule

Journal Month Published Copy Deadline
AER January 15 November, 2014
  February 15 December, 2014
  March 15 January, 2014
  April 15 February, 2014
  May* 15 March, 2014
  June 15 April, 2014
  July 15 May, 2014
  August 15 June, 2014
  September 15 July, 2014
  October 15 August, 2014
  November 15 September, 2014
  December 15 October, 2014
JEL March 15 January, 2014
  June 15 April, 2014
  September 15 July, 2014
  December 15 October, 2014
JEP February (Winter) 15 December, 2014
  May (Spring) 15 March, 2014
  August (Summer) 15 June, 2014
  November (Fall) 15 September, 2014

*AER May -- ads accepted for covers three and four only

Note: Copy not received by the deadline will run in the next issue.


Color: Black and white only.
Resolution:  300dpi
Trim Size: 7 x 10 inches
Live Area: 5.5 x 8 inches

Please supply pdfs. Electronic files only; we do not accept original art work.

Advertising Rates

January 1 - December 31, 2014

Half Page
$ 950
Full Page
Cover Three*
Cover Four*

*Not available in JEP
A discount for multiple ads is no longer available.

Tear Sheets

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Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. There are no agency discounts.

We reserve the right to require advance payment.

In order to avoid delay in the processing of orders from outside the United States, prepayment by check drawn on a U.S. Bank payable in U.S. dollars is required

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In the News:

University of Chicago economics professor, Matthew Gentzkow, who is the AEA's 2014 John Bates Clark Medal recipient, discusses the future of economics, the state of the media ecosphere, and virtues of "data hustle" in this interview from Quartz.

A recent article in The Economist examines higher education endowments and university behaviors including new research presented in a paper from the latest edition of the American Economic Review.

"For economists, the tradition of keeping mum—at least as a national organization—is long and proud. 'The association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions,' the economic association states on its website. Those policies, says its president, William D. Nordhaus, a professor at Yale University, by email, 'have served it well through hot and cold wars.'"

"Not only do economists vary widely in their opinions of economic policy, he notes, but many have participated in helping shape such policies. Putting forth statements on political issues would be 'unnecessary, polarizing, controversy-stoking, and a distraction from the real and important work of economic research and education,' he says. (Mr. Nordhaus was, of course, speaking for himself and not the association.)"

Read the whole story in the The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscribers only).

From ASSA 2014: The Wall Street Journal reports on the AEA's CSWEP committee's efforts in mentoring early-career female economists and the program's expanding influence on similar programs being developed overseas. Read the full article here.

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published "Cool Head on Global Warming," an in-depth look at the new book by 2014 AEA President, William Nordhaus entitled, "The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty and Economics for a Warming World" (Yale University Press).

The Atlantic Cities provides a thorough examination of Clifford Winston's (Brooking Institution) research, "On The Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead," from the latest edition of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Upcoming research by Yang Wang, a health economist at Lafayette College, indicates that some smokers believe age, race, and parental longevity influence their life expectancy more than smoking does. Access the news brief here, or the forthcoming article from the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

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