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- European Association for Banking and Financial History (EABH); National Bank of Romania

Dates:June 07-09, 2012
Description:Annual EABH Conference "Public Policies & the Direction of Financial Flows" - European Association for Banking and Financial History
Location:Bucharest, headquarters of the National Bank of Romania, Romania
Subject:Many times in history, public authorities have decided to pursue economic policies (mainly development policies) by directing the financial flows of the economy. The central idea of the conference is to study this phenomenon using a comparative approach. The basic question to be addressed is therefore: Why and how did nonmarket forces (states, local authorities, international authorities, technical bodies) manage to direct financial flows so as to achieve specific goals, mainly related to economic development? [gem╠_╠┘ den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
JEL Code:G


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