Crossword Puzzle - Past Presidents
2010 Annual Meeting

AEA Crossword Puzzle
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1. Low-___ diet
5. Relaxed
10. Ancient European
14. Untruthful economist
15. Mother-of-pearl
16. Publisher of Journal of Risk and Insurance: abbr.
17. AEA President associated with a triangle (full name)
20. TV, radio, etc.
21. Development economist Maximo and family
22. Leslie Caron musical
25. Depend (on)
26. Time difference specification
29. It does not imply causality: abbr.
31. Functional
35., for example
36. "See ya!"
38. USC Center to study entertainment/commerce
39. Brookings AEA President (full name)
43. Swiss river
44. Economist Randall at Indiana Business School
45. Common Market letters
46. Navigates
49. Source of macro data: abbr.
50. W.W. II craft: Abbr.
51. Active one
53. Surrealist Joan
55. Washington mountain
58. Tropical fruit
62. AEA President and CEA Chair (full name)
65. "A Death in the Family" author
66. Kind of down
67. Business cycle dating AEA President
68. Keynes' long-run equilibrium
69. Smelly cigar
70. Neuter
1. Slang for U.S. dollar
2. Yorkshire river
3. Originally Bell
4. Barbecue
5. QED
6. Researcher's response to an epiphany
7. Ella Fitzgerald specialty
8. Mu or epsilon
9. General Equilibrium AEA President
10. Bag distributed at ASSA meetings
11. Therefore
12. Source of perjury by an expert witness
13. Road crew's supply
18. Related to the congregation
19. Morays
23. Prospector's find
24. Finegan, Kennedy, McKinnon, Murphy, etc.
26. AEA President famous for critique
27. Nirvana attainer
28. Hostile look at ASSA presentation critic
30. Superstar AEA President
32. Tropical nut
33. Lollygags
34. Create barriers to entry
37. Curtain fabric
40. Made a new edition of collected essays
41. Arizona Indian
42. Takes away weapons
47. Rice-a-____
48. Fishing nets
52. Ran a regression again
54. Promises made before Congressional testimony
55. Go ballistic
56. Integral
57. Decorate anew
59. Type of tide
60. ___ monster
61. Sole
62. Cold War game theory model
63. Stream of cash flow exchanged in a swap
64. County where Harry Johnson could not write

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In the News:

University of Chicago economics professor, Matthew Gentzkow, who is the AEA's 2014 John Bates Clark Medal recipient, discusses the future of economics, the state of the media ecosphere, and virtues of "data hustle" in this interview from Quartz.

A recent article in The Economist examines higher education endowments and university behaviors including new research presented in a paper from the latest edition of the American Economic Review.

"For economists, the tradition of keeping mum—at least as a national organization—is long and proud. 'The association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions,' the economic association states on its website. Those policies, says its president, William D. Nordhaus, a professor at Yale University, by email, 'have served it well through hot and cold wars.'"

"Not only do economists vary widely in their opinions of economic policy, he notes, but many have participated in helping shape such policies. Putting forth statements on political issues would be 'unnecessary, polarizing, controversy-stoking, and a distraction from the real and important work of economic research and education,' he says. (Mr. Nordhaus was, of course, speaking for himself and not the association.)"

Read the whole story in the The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscribers only).

From ASSA 2014: The Wall Street Journal reports on the AEA's CSWEP committee's efforts in mentoring early-career female economists and the program's expanding influence on similar programs being developed overseas. Read the full article here.

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published "Cool Head on Global Warming," an in-depth look at the new book by 2014 AEA President, William Nordhaus entitled, "The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty and Economics for a Warming World" (Yale University Press).

The Atlantic Cities provides a thorough examination of Clifford Winston's (Brooking Institution) research, "On The Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead," from the latest edition of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Upcoming research by Yang Wang, a health economist at Lafayette College, indicates that some smokers believe age, race, and parental longevity influence their life expectancy more than smoking does. Access the news brief here, or the forthcoming article from the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

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